“It’s Never Like This”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2019

On the third day of the US and THEM event, the out of town artists were moving a touch slow in the morning. I’d been pushing them for two full days of action with very little rest. The weather had been beautiful, but gray in the mornings with brief patches of brilliant sun and light winds. This morning was different though. Coming over the hill to see the coast for the first time, I don’t recall ever seeing the ocean so smooth. If I’d been looking for waves, I’d have been disappointed, but as it were, we were here to paint and to see the ocean so sheet-smooth, no swells or ripples of texture at all was a real unusual treat. The crew from San Diego may not have realized just how special this was- they have clear, sunny, flat days on the regular down there I reckon. But for us, it was a pretty big deal. All morning as were painting, folks were walking up and telling us “you know, it’s never like this here”. Yup. Got it, but thanks for drilling it in for those guys. The last thing we’d want is for them to head back to SoCal and tell everyone it’s like this all the time here. Cause it’s not.   Oh and also, on the first morning of this event I painted with oils, and while I usually enjoy my forays into that grown-up medium, that morning I did not. It took me awhile to realize it wasn’t the paint though, it was the scene- I just wasn’t all that into it, so I struggled and struggled with that painting until finally making peace with it at the end. This morning was so beautiful, I felt it appropriate to go for a “redemption” session and broke out my oil palette and had a great time from start to finish. Much better. Thanks for asking.

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