“I’m Only Bluffing”


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2016

The previous afternoon I had tried and failed to get a view of a spot I was curious about, high tide, unscalable cliffs, and tightly secured gates had me stumped so I skulked back to my friend’s place and grabbed a board to go ride (well mostly paddle) some of the smallest waves one could possibly ride. Just washing off the disappointment really. Found a cool little cave up the beach I’d never seen before and all in all felt much better walking back to the house in the evening light. As I passed this sweeping eucalyptus wave washing over these bluffs at the speed of tree, I thought it would make for some fun painting. Lots of structure to work with. Came back the next day to quickly attempt it before heading to my one night show at M.Special Brewery in Goleta. “Quickly” turned into an hour longer than I’d intended. You might have thought I was trying to be cool showing up late to my own show, but I wasn’t, I was only bluffing.

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