“Her Quiet Time”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 16″ x 12″
Year: 2019

The Chumash people lived here first. The Earth Mother’s name was Hutash, and she planted a particular plant on this island, from which the people emerged fully grown. They were cold until they were given fire by lighting from that old Sky Snake, the Milky Way, the Earth Mother’s husband.

The people were fruitful and multiplied. Happily. Their songs and laughter kept Hutash up at night. At last she couldn’t bear them any longer and she decided to make a bridge out of a rainbow from the distant peak in this painting all the way to a high peak on the mainland. Off they marched. Told to keep their eyes on the mainland, some looked down and became dizzy. The fallen ones were turned into dolphins by Hutash to keep them from drowning.

The people continued to prosper on the mainland as well, but they were no longer so crowded on this island and presumably the Earth Mother slept.

She must have still been sleeping when the Spaniard’s and other European’s arrived, because things got really weird at that point. In a few short generations things quieted down even more. Disease took it’s toll. The sheep’s wool was rendered obsolete by the Slavemaster’s friend, the Cotton Gin. The vineyards were thwarted by that Old Grump, the Prohibition.

A few brick buildings and rutted roads were built, but there is only area in the entire interior valley that sees regular human activity now, and even there it is generally quiet. Access is tightly controlled and looks like it will stay that way for awhile.

When she awake’s I hope the folks who now own most of this island are prompt in cooking her up a nice cup of coffee and explaining to her how it is that they wandered back over that bridge and down into the valley from Devil’s peak. And speaking of her high and beautiful mountain, the foundation of her rainbow bridge, just who named it “Devil’s Peak” anyhow? And where did the rest of her children go?  And why aren’t there more songs and laughter? Without them she overslept, and we can only hope her slumber was sweet and restful.

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