Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 36″ x 36″
Year: 2015

Painted live with Spencer Reynolds at Musarity 2015 during live music set by Absynth Quartet.

This was a super fun collaboration. Mostly. Spencer and I hadn’t done this together before, but there’s a lot of mutual respect for each other’s work so we both looked forward to it. I paint a lot at live events though, and it was in my local neighborhood, while he doesn’t do this sort of thing too much. So unfortunately I got a good buzz going pretty quick and started letting everyone that wanted to paint on the piece, and didn’t realize how annoyed he was getting with that. Then at one point I started doing some big sloppy washes of an orange tone mixed to transparent with a lot of medium and since it was acrylic paint this could be applied willy nilly over everthing without screwing it all up, but being an oil painter he saw me flippantly destroying everything in a fast and loose slopfest and grabbed his brushes to leave. I think he got to the back of the room, cooled off and saw that I wasn’t destroying the painting after all and he got back into it. But yeah, I think he was a bit surprised by how emotional the experience was. I’m sort of used to letting go in these settings as it’s the only way to survive and enjoy it. But for him it was all so new and I’m a sneaky joker when I get in those settings telling people to go tap him out and grab a brush, then giggling in the corner watching the chaos ensue. Probably not the nicest of me, but if you can’t screw with your friends a bit, who can you screw with right? Shoot, I owe him a few set waves now, but worth it for the fun. He was stoked by the end too, so that was a huge plus. would have been pretty bummed if I really let him down and ruined the night for him. And to be fair, when I told him how the last time I did a live collaboration and the other artist brought a bunch of reference photos, I stole them and hid them until the night was over, Spencer approved of the mischief wholeheartedly, so in a way he was warned… Ok, I have a small mean streak, but only with friends.


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