“Get Off My Lawn”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 16″ x 12″
Year: 2017

6th day on the road, 17th painting completed, 2nd one this day

A big inspiration in my art life came from an unlikely source. It makes perfect sense in hindsight, but at the time when my older brother got the book “Surfing California” when we were teens, I had no idea the years of exploration that would follow, and that would lead naturally into what I do today, travelling and painting this state’s coastline from border to border.

One spot in that book eluded me for years until this trip. I’m embarrassed to say it’s the only one that I recall being listed by it’s actual address on Highway 1. Why I never thought to look for the address sooner (maybe, you know on a map or something?), I have no idea. But here I was on this trip armed with a fully functioning map. Nothing could stop me now. Except I couldn’t remember the address. I must have stopped and hopped around the bushes at 3 or 4 different properties before almost accidentally arriving here. In fact I nearly drove by it, except for seeing the wave from the road. What? It’s even visible from the road?  Good grief. I’m not nearly as observant as I sometimes pretend to be.

Sure there were NO TRESPASSING signs every 10 feet on that fence, but then why did that one spot have a clear trail leading away from the fence and along the bluff and down to the water, hmm? Methinks I’m supposed to go over this fence. Only problem was my nerves while painting in full sight of house and highway 1 out in the open on clearly marked private property. Never looked over my shoulder so many times in one painting. Kept expecting old man McCrakker to come out of his house yelling, “Get Off My Lawn!”  Never did though…

And what a setup! I hope to be back, looks like a fun little slide out there.

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