“From the Shadows” $628

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2019

Price: $628
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Matt Beard Art- Plein Air Original Painting Documentation

Price Breakdown:

Base Price:
$400 – ($1.25 per square inch)

$228 – Approximate distance from Eureka, CA ($0.3 per mile)
$50 – Overnight Travel
$0 – Sleeping in Van
$0 – Tricky Urban Camping

On the Ground Logistics:
$0 – Paid Parking
$0 – Illegal or Questionable Parking Required: Nope
$0 – Parking Ticket or Citation Issued

$0 – Painted from Roof of Van (that platform wasn’t cheap)

$0 – Painted from Private Land: No
$0 – Posted ‘No Trespassing’
$0 – Harrassed by Authorities/Told to Leave
$0 – Citation for Tresspassing Issued
$0 – Fence/Gate Hopping
$0 – Barbed Wire
$0 – Blood

$0 – Hauling Gear on Foot ($30 per mile)
$0 – Off Trail Wilderness Tromping
$0 – Climbing or Vertical Scrambling Requiring Use of Hands: None
$0 – Full On Bushwhacking: None

$0 – Poison Oak Observed: None
$0 – Bee/Wasp/Other Painful Insect Bites ($15 each)
$0 – Mosquitoes: None
$0 – Ticks Observed on Skin or Clothing: None
$0 – Tick Bites ($125 each!!)

$0 – Wind ($2 per mph)
$-25 – Shade/Sun: Plenty of Cool Shade
$0 – Heat/Cold ($1.5 per degree farhenheit above/below 65)
$-25 – Crowds/Questions/Human Element: Distracting, but Nice

$0 – Sustenance Provided by Others Before, During or After Painting: Nadda
$0 – Fun Surf At Location Before, During, or After Painting: Nothing, if it looks good in the painting, I probably lied.

$ – Other:


I painted this on a raining morning in Southern California in May. I like to come south to get away from rain. This rain was not in my plan. Those ephemeral little jewels falling from the sky, as wonderful as they were to the dry desert southlands, collectively formed a dull and dreary darkness casting its shadows across my mental landscape.

But on the bright side, I painted this one alongside my friend Norm Daniels. He’s a great artist and a great guy to hang out with under a shade palapa (good for rain shelter too) and paint the day away. We ate donuts. We spoke with a jewish couple who came down to baptize their new cooking pot in the ocean. Norm was babtized in the ocean too. Somehow that struck me as humorous at the time, but I see now that it wasn’t really that funny. I guess that’s why both Norm and the couple with the cooking pot looked at me with blank stares when I exclaimed that Norm and the pot were brothers. Hindsight is 20/20.

After painting, we had tacos and beers and I really couldn’t have asked for a better day, even though I grumbled a bit at the start of it.

I guess sometimes you have to step out from the shadows to see things more clearly in the light of day.

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