“From the Overflow of the Heart, the Mouth Speaks”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2017


Notes: 8th day on the road, 23rd painting completed, 2nd one on this day. Last one of the trip. I’m exhausted.

There’s something about a rivermouth sandbar that really holds one’s attention. I wanted to get the whole scene here: the inland valley leading to the now hot and dry“heartland” this river flows from, the coastal coolness of rugged rock and sea stack shrouded in fog and cloud, the beach, the driftwood, and the sand piled up creating a focal point for bending lines of swell approaching from deep water. I wanted to show it all.

Perhaps I took on too much and maybe this one lacks a clear focal point. It happens. But then again, it’s all in there and if I’m gonna roll by and paint one painting here, I’m stoked this was it.

The biggest dissappointment was the extended time it took to finish this complicated composition eating into rapidly closing window to go surf a few down at that sandbar. I maybe could have swung it still, but this was my last one in this area and had a long drive ahead of me that night. I was also considering the burger that I was looking forward to that might be out of reach if I pushed it any longer (everything closes pretty early on this coast).

Excuses, excuses… it was now foggy and getting dark and bobbing around a sharky rivermouth lineup alone and barely visible for marginal but fun looking two foot waves for some reason just didn’t sound as fun as it did when I’d started the painting.

I paused to enjoy a celebratory beer for a week of hard work, and thought I heard the river speak. “Next time” she said, “Next time.”

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