“Fading West”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 12″ x 12″
Year: 2017

2nd day on the road, 6th painting completed, 4th one of the day

I wasn’t planning to paint here at all, though I did stop and check it out the day before. This day I was planning to head south from my previous location, but the afternoon fog crept in and made a mockery of my plan as it so often will. Recalling this tightly arranged scenic cove complete with a eucalyptus foreground I thought this was a location that would hold up even in a fairly dense fog, and it was true. Had a really fun time painting this one without pressure of capturing a specific place, just a feeling of being there is all that I wanted here. Plus the burger at the hotel behind me was out of sight. Even the salad was delightful, and I don’t often think of salads in those terms. I think I could live here.

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