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The Road – part 3


Sometimes life will take you to a place where there is no easy road.  It’s good at those times to keep in mind those words of wisdom that say that the road to destruction is easy and wide but the path that leads to life is narrow and there are few who find it.  When the burden you carry digs into your shoulders with the weight of the world, and the ankle-turning cobblestones you hobble over show no trace of those who’ve gone this way before, keep in mind that this is the path to life. When the rising tide threatens to trap you against the cliff, don’t be discouraged, but bear in mind that the tide that brings difficulty now will be the rhythm to which tomorrow’s blissful days will dance. Remember where you’re going. Remember why you’re going.

Soon enough you’ll round the last bend.  You’ll see the ancient stones marking the path of ascension.  Your legs will burn as you are carried up that last slope not on your own strength but by the goodness of the hope which lies ahead.   The goodness that revealed itself to you long ago, though you did nothing to deserve it.  Friends who’d gone before you told you of it’s existence, and pointed the way.  You simply took their word for it, and went to see it for yourself.  And that brought you here to the final climb. Your body wants to give up, but your spirit pushes on.

The expanse that opens up before you removes in one glance any doubt of why you chose to endure the trials on the way here.  All you need is here.  Welcome home.

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