Eureka – Finding California

The Road – part 7

War and Peace.

It is arguably the most historically significant stretch of coast in surfing’s history.  The crowds are outrageous.  There is a nuclear power station built on the bluff overlooking the whole stretch of coast.  Just beyond that the Marine Core practices war games in the hills. Who knows how many rabbits they’ve inadvertently blown up in the name of War and Peace.  They even used to tell surfers to go home.  It was their beach.  But the surfers kept coming back until the Marines gave up.

Last time I was there, my kids built their own shade shack in the sand out of driftwood and bamboo they found laying around. It didn’t look too stable, in fact I think it eventually collapsed on my laughing three year old boy, but they built it themselves and I was proud of them.  After the collapse I went for a surf and had a good old time.  I guess while I was out there they figured they needed more bamboo to make a better shack so they started pulling up live shoots from the ground by the parking lot.  I’m sure that’s a real shame and all but they meant no harm.  A park ranger pulled up and was giving them a stern lecture about the error of their ways and while he was correcting them you could hear the artillery being fired off in the distance behind the domes of the nuclear facility.

Sometimes I reckon things don’t have to make sense just to mean something.


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