Eureka – Finding California

The Sea – part 6


She just wanted to go home. She was barely two years old, but she knew she didn’t want to be on this boat anymore.  And when was Daddy ever going to come home anyway?  She missed playing with him.  They told her he was gone, that he’d gone to a better place, but then what were all his friends doing on their surfboards out in the water around the boat? They all looked like him in those black wetsuits that looked just like his.  And what was that jar of dust that made mommy cry when she emptied it over the side of the boat?  Too many questions, not enough answers. She stared down through her own tears into the emerald green water. The bright orange and yellow flower petals drifting past the side of the boat caught her eye.  She still wasn’t happy about any of this, but she felt a little better looking down in the water.

After a while the boat motored away, leaving a hundred broken hearts to drift in silence on an emerald sea.

And still no answers. I never knew that peace could be so painful.

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