Eureka – Finding California

The Road – part 6

L.A. Go Home.

“L.A. Go Home.” It’s a mantra repeated up and down the coast. Even in L.A. itself, they’ll tell you to go home.  But nowhere has it been stated so poignantly as here, spray painted in big block letters that you have to walk over on your way out to the water, exploding as a clear warning shot of just what sort of attitudes will and will not be tolerated here.

Ironic, though, to consider that if the command were taken at face value and everyone who came from a more densely populated zone south of here all left and went home, there’d be very few left to surf here.  Chances are, even the very hands that painted the words would have gone home as well.

But the biggest irony of it all may just be in the very rocks on which the words were written.  One of the countless jetties constructed by the Army Core of Engineers all over the country, this one like many others was built in the name of stabilization of a port of entry, in order to fallicate commerce.  Mockery of nature in the name of the mighty dollar.  Does it get any more L.A. than that?

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