Eureka – Finding California

The Road – part 5

Return to Civilization.

Driving down the highway after full immersion in the deep north of California is a fairly mellow and bucolic affair. A narrow two lane meandering road for much of the way, with a few bumps like San Francisco and Santa Cruz thrown in the middle just to keep you on your toes. As you approach Los Angeles, the road widens, two lanes become four, then six, and after that you can’t quite count them all but I’m sure at times there may be twenty four lanes of speeding metal to deal with. It’s a sobering reality to consider that all of this happened so fast, and it’s not slowing down either.

For the best effect drive in at night with loud music blasting and enjoy the psychedelic showdown of lights and concrete as you integrate yourself into the pulsing circuit board of Humanity 2.0 as it rushes headlong into its own unhistorical future.  Watch the helicopters circle the moon in an attempt to bring it into submission. Laugh when it resists arrest. Speed up. Tailgate a bit if you have to. You’re not there yet, but you will be soon, if you go a little faster.

Notice the rhythms and sounds have changed.  People are busy and irritated.  You will be too soon enough, but just not yet. A piece of you is still out there somewhere resonating with a different vibration. Since you’ve immersed yourself in nature’s rhythms you can recognize them humming faintly in the distance even in the city of hopeless angels where it never gets dark and yet there is no light.

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