“Eat the Rich”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2017


Buy it all. Claim it. It’s all yours. Then what?  Put up a fence. A bunch of little signs telling us to stay out of the places we’ve always gone?  Lock the gate? Threaten us with arrest? Threaten us with violence? Have fun with that. We know who belongs here and nobody paid our admission. It was given freely at birth. And at our parent’s birth. Generations back to the founding of the earth. Do what you will to keep us out of what you think you now own. We don’t want what is yours anyway. We want nothing to do with you and your financial plans. We barely see you at all. We’ll go about our day from dawn to dusk, we will wear you down. Even if you buy a victory from the sellers of legal trinkets at the courthouse market, you’ll still lose. We know who you are, and we know who we are. That is all the permission we need. Stop one, two, a hundred of us. You haven’t scratched the surface. You’ll think you’ve won at night, but in the morning we’ll still be there on the beach you think you own building a fire on which to roast your unguarded joy. You forgot to keep it in your sight when you chose to guard your possessions instead. Without any effort at all, we’ll toss it on the fire, kept hot and burning with your arrogance. We’ll slowly devour it and wash it down with whiskey and coffee. And even then, you are welcome to join us. After all, it’s not our beach.


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