“Don’t Eat Us”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2017


Pristine beach. But after the first impression of paradise subsides, one is greated by the scattering of utter filth left behind by those who were here before. Oh, I know it’s not me or you, it’s Them of course.

Sure, this painting makes it look rather nice, and no doubt if you make it down to this beach and wander far enough from the access points, you’ll find a truly beautiful remote beach, but along the way you’ll have to close your eyes to some hard truths about your fellow humans.

It’s just trash, I know in the big picture many would say that’s a small thing. It’s not nuclear war, it’s not systemic genocide, it’s not violent oppression. Its not even close to that. It’s just people, broken and flawed as we all are, looking to get away from the stress of their hollow lives, in need of release, getting back to nature, howling at the moon, reveling in friendships, in love, in a beautiful reckless abandon.

But the Beast that is Us devours everything.

Forgive Them, They know not what They do.

Forgive Us, as we forgive Them.


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