“Dielectric Union”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 20″
Year: 2018


The dielectric union is a fitting designed to connect galvanized and copper water pipes. Without this specialized connector, the flowing water would create a subtle electric current around the joint, something to do with the different types of metals, I cannot explain just what, but the end result is that the pipes would quickly corrode at the joint.

It’s a fine metaphor for this whole little micro-region- a mostly laidback and welcoming sort of wealth culture with a mindset that yearns for deeper roots seems to be just the specialized buffer needed between the galvanized working class communities to the north, and the fancy copper neo-coastal ritz to the south. Folks from either culture can find themselves at home here. At least that’s my take as an occasional outside observer. Plus they have great pizza and donuts. I can hang here happily myself when the opportunity arises.

It’s also a fine metaphor for a strong marriage, the healthy relationship required to keep two different and unique souls together without bursting at the joint. So I found it appropriate to paint this one for a married couple who met here years ago, right down this very path.   

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