My long-term goal as an artist on the California coast is to paint as much of the Golden State's coastline as I possibly can. Plein air road trips, studio work, whatever it takes, I've been steadily filling in gaps for the last few years, but it's a big state and there's still a lot of work to do.  I'm constantly planning new trips to different areas on the coast and having locations lined up in advance only makes my job easier, so if you'd like to commission a painting of your favorite California coastal zone, hit me up sooner than later and we'll make it happen. 

Plein Air Commissions

Plein air work is done on site, usually in a single session. This puts a natural time limit on the piece and leads to a looser more improvised approach with an emphasis on capturing the general feeling of a location rather than it's particular details. The shorter working time makes these pieces cost much less than studio work, although the prices do vary depending on several factors: travel distance required, difficulty of access, how often I've painted in that area previously, etc. The prices listed below are estimates for sites with reasonable access, less than a mile of hiking required, etc.  Once we nail down exact locations we can finalize a price we agree on and make it happen. I won't even ask for a deposit, and you won't be obligated to buy the finished piece if you're not feeling it. But I think you'll dig it.

Humboldt/Del Norte:  
24" x 12" or 20" x 16" - $400   |    12" x 16" - $300    |    12" x 12" - $200

Mendocino/Sonoma/ Marin:  
24" x 12" or 20" x 16" - $450   |    12" x 16" - $350   |    12" x 12" - $250

San Francisco:  
24" x 12" or 20" x 16" - $600   |    12" x 16" - $450    |    12" x 12" - $350

San Mateo/Santa Cruz/Monterey/San Luis Obispo:  
24" x 12" or 20" x 16" - $500    |    12" x 16" - 400  |    12" x 12" - $300

Santa Barbara/Ventura/Los Angeles/Orange County/San Diego:  
24" x 12" or 20" x 16" - $600  |    12" x 16" - $450   |    12" x 12" - $350

Studio Commissions

Studio works are generally large pieces I create in the studio over multiple sessions. They develop on their own time and are quite a bit more involved and refined than plein air work.

Studio Commission Rates:  $3.50/sq. in. (24" x 24" minimum)


*No deposit or advance payments necessary. We'll sort it out when the art is completed.
**All prices include an aged rustic redwood lath frame, CA sales tax, and shipping to your doorstep.

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