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Painting the California Coast | Press Release

For Immediate Release:

One Artist Paints the Entire California Coast

California artist Matt Beard’s first published book chronicles the results thus far.

EUREKA, CA – April 12, 2018 — Over a decade ago, California-based artist Matt Beard set a goal for himself to paint the entire California coastline. It’s been an enormous undertaking, and now out of the hundreds of paintings he’s completed on location, just over one hundred of them have been carefully selected and paired with his journal entries from the road to create his first published book,” Painting the California Coast: Volume One” to be released in the fall of 2018.  

When asked, Beard stops short of claiming to have painted all of the state’s coast, pointing out that “there’s always another cove around the corner and only so much time in a day”, but even so, it is hard to find another artist that has dedicated themselves to the work of painting the entire 840 miles of California coast with quite as much intentionality as he has brought to his work. He’s painted multiple locations spread about every county in the state, averaging only 2 miles between each painting, with the longest stretch being the inaccessible coast near Vandenberg Airforce Base on the central coast.

It’s this dedication to his mission that in many ways sets his work apart. He has on occasion trespassed on private land to gain a view of hard to reach locations, resulting in at least one ‘Potential Arrest Notice’ issued after a long day painting. He has been ordered by the police to pack up and leave. Driven by this long-arc narrative of painting the entire state’s coastline, Beard is dedicated to not just paint, but to constantly paint new places and fill in the gaps in this always-expanding body of work.

This collection of work, along with the backstories behind the art, fills “Painting the California Coast: Volume One” that Beard is soon to release under his own publishing label, Noví Albion Publishing. It’s avaialable for pre-orders at discounted pricing from April 22- May 22.

More information about the book and placing pre-orders can be found at:



About Matt Beard. Raised on the shores of southern California but having lived his entire adult life in the far north of California behind Humboldt’s Redwood Curtain, Matt Beard considers all of California to be his home. He makes regular trips across the length of the state to make his art, attend shows, and test the 8-hour horizontal comfort level of various living room couches up and down the coast.

For more information:

Matt Beard
(seven zero seven) four four zero – nine three seven five


3 Days : 7 Paintings | Live Art at the Redwood Coast Music Festival

March 31- April 2

During the upcoming Redwood Coast Music Festival, I will be creating art nearly nonstop at one of the venues, inside the Morris Graves Museum of Art.

"Chromatic Wave Theories"

I will be completing a new series of 7 paintings during the course of the event. Working nearly nonstop, and hopefully whenever there is music playing, I will be visually exploring the connections and parallels of sound and music to waves and water. 

Each painting produced will benefit a different local nonprofit:

• Humboldt Surfrider
• Friends of the Dunes
• Area 1 Agency on Aging
• Trinidad Coastal Land Trust
• Redwood Coast Music Festival
• ? Buyer's Choice!

While the paintings will be completed from start to finish at the event, they are available now to be pre-claimed at buy now prices with 50% donated to the nonprofit I've set as the beneficiary of each piece. 

“Free Range: Orange County Winter 2017

7 days. 2.5 days of rain. $26.75 paid to parking meters. 9 Paintings created on one road trip.


Ambassador Beard?

ambassador-beardWell it’s true. This photo may be a stretch, but I’m stoked to be on board with the folks at Save the Waves International as their newest Artist Ambassador.

Anybody that works as hard as they do to preserve our world’s coastlines, as well as access to those coastlines, is worth getting behind in my book. Much of my work documenting the California coast wouldn’t be possible, or at least would be much, much more difficult if it weren’t for groups like them out there fighting to keep our coastal areas natural and open for all.

In the meantime if you need anything at all, feel free to stop in anytime. My office is always open. Bring tacos.

Free Range: San Diego 2016

12 days. 1 massive film festival. 1 surfboard tradeshow. 1 art and surf invitational event. 12 paintings. 1 Sold out show.

Ripple: Group Show- New Orleans, LA


Pretty stoked to be part of this show in New Orleans, LA at the Graphite Gallery. Unfortunately I could not attend in person as New Orleans is east of the Sierra Nevada mountains range and my travels in that direction are severely challenged. The show, however, looked top notch with incredible art from a range of amazing artists.

I am humbled and honored to be involved with this group, and even more so to have my work, “Reclamation” chosen to  represent the group on the official show flyer. Huge thanks to my friend Kyle William Harper for curating this one and making it happen.

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