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“Drip Castles” (Thinking of Chris Lundy)

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 24″ x 18″
Year: 2017

I was scheduled to do some live art today at a local event here in Humboldt, a culinary event celebrating… well, Spam, of all things… but also with some live music so I figured I’d zone out, angle for some free beers (which were kindly provided) and figure something out as I went. Shortly before heading out the door, I learned of the passing of one of the greatest surfing artists of all time, Chris Lundy.

I never met the man, Chris Lundy, but I’ve been met by his art many times over the years. It’s an experience. It rushes up to meet you face to face with a spray of salt and mist. Electrifying, and dazzling, somewhat disorienting. Like a seriously complex jazz number made of water frozen in some off-beat time signature that only the great jazz minds can comprehend.

I’m on the outside of this jam session. A good old punk rock 4/4 guy standing in the back of the hall, admiring the real magicians who can play along to this strange melody- artists like my friend Spencer Reynolds, who seems to have studied the genius of Chris Lundy’s songs and internalized their syncopated rhythms. He’s one of the only artists I know of, who could jump into a Lundy performance and play along, adding to the song in his own way, without distracting from it all.

It’s appropriate then that as I painted this piece thinking of Chris Lundy, praying comfort for his family and friends in their time of loss, that this personal meditation on his visual music contains distinct undertones of the work of my friend Spencer Reynolds. Not that this painting of a wave cracking on a white sand beach in a slightly different dimension does either of their work justice, its just a sort of personal homage to two amazing artists, one of them gone from us too soon. The other is only in Oregon.

Look them both up if you aren’t familiar. You won’t regret it.


“Who’d a Thunk?” $550

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2018

Price: $550
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After months of working on a book project and endless late nights preparing for an online pre-sale campaign, the business side of the art life was getting to me. I needed a break.The forecast was favorable so off I went to reconnect with the real world for a surf and a paint session on my own without any thoughts of business. Checking the campaign right before leaving, I saw that there were 176 backers who had pledged a total of $17,706 which just happened to be 176% of the total amount I was shooting for in this US only presale campaign.  Hooray for the USA, 1776, freedom and all that! Let’s go! Who’d a thunk that I’d be at this point just 5 days from launching this 32 day campaign.

This country’s history has never been a smooth one, though, and this day was no different. I embraced the freedom the day offered and found it was a different sort of freedom than expected. It was the freedom to flounder around indecisively between breaks, nitpicking the tide and wind, finally skipping a surf altogether to just get some painting done, only to be faced with an interview with two very nice young ladies who had a lot of questions about art which I was happy to answer, but kept me so distracted that by the time they wandered off I was ready to throw the painting off the cliff and go home, but I didn’t because I was also free to push through and bring it to a better state, which I think I did, and you’d agree if you could’ve seen it before I pushed it through, which took a lot longer than I’d hoped, which left me completely free to realize that as I was muttering at this painting in the bushes here, just behind and to my right the tide has switched and some fun waves were being had and at the same time I was realizing this I also realized it was packed with the crowds that always show up at peak low tide here and I missed my favorite pre-crowd window, which left me completely free to chat with a few friends and just call it a day.

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