“California’s Dream”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2018


This is what the California Coast dreams about while she’s sleeping in during the May Gray/June Gloom…

She sees a distant marine layer and no other clouds in the bright clear sky. She sees the shade of an old Eucalyptus. The tree itself both invasive, and beautiful, and loved – a rare combination. Indeed, she is saddened by the thought of life without the mighty twisted Eucalyptus growing from her earth and part of her hopes it never comes to pass.

She sees the memories of her adolescence, the old rail, the lifeline that connected her various towns and settlements when she was just coming of age and didn’t know the difference between a scoundrel and a gentleman.

She sees the running barbed wire fence placed to keep the cattle in place, another reminder of her adolescence when shots fired from a rider on horseback could signal fear, or theft, or love, or life, or all of them at once.

She sees a couple of painters standing over this vista scribbling away at their canvas, while sipping cold beers as a herd of cattle is moved down the road behind them.

In a moment of lucidity, she wakes within her dream to wonder what it means. She asks a man who smiles beside an old faithful Toyota truck and offers her a beer as well. It is then she hears the answer coming from the open cab of the truck and spoken to the wind through the crackling voice of a young Bob Dylan.

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