California Coastal Artists Association



The California Coastline has long been an inspiration for artists, particularly since the early 1900’s when the California Impressionist movement first began to push back against the more subtle and muted Impressionism of European landscape painting of the era. California’s varied landscape simply demanded a bolder, richer approach to color than the current schools of Impressionism were producing elsewhere.

These early California Impressionists were the reason I began painting the California Coast’s landscape in earnest over 20 years ago. Their paintings of the coastline were immediately recognizable to me, and transported me to those places the way no photograph ever could. Viewing work from artists like William Wendt, Thomas Payne, Guy Rose, Granville Redmond, and many others changed the way I thought about art and what it could do as I reflected on the relationship between art and the California coastline that as a lifelong surfer I was already fascinated with.

After years of painting up and down this state’s remarkable coast, I found myself often being asked if I was part of any artists group or organization.

When I finally got around to looking into a group dedicated to the art of the California Coast, I was surprised to find none. I could be wrong, but I only see regional groups in art rich coastal communities, or broad groups dedicated to the entire state, but nothing reflecting my driving passion for painting the entire coast.

Those that know me know I’m pretty content to do my own thing, so it made sense to just start my own group:

The California Coastal Artists Association

Founded: 2017
Current membership: 1 (that’s me)

Wait, is that it?

Until further notice, yes. But there is more to come. Stay tuned…

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