“Backside of the Dunes”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2002

I’d forgotten about this painting entirely until a collector notified me it was up for sale on craigslist. Once I saw it, I immediately remembered the day I painted it, scouting around for hours being all kinds of particular about the view not being what I wanted. I probably passed up 35 great paintings before settling on this one. I’m pretty sure my thinking then was that it was getting late in the day and I’d better not go home empty-handed. I don’t recall what came of the painting or who bought it, or if I gave it away or what, but I was pretty stoked to see it once again. When my collector friend bought it and brought it over to my studio for some touchup, varnish, and framing it was a little like being reunited with a long lost child that had gone off into the world and lived a life of its own now back to say hello to Dad once again before heading out on another chapter. I wasn’t so sure of it when I painted it, but now after all these years I reckon it turned out alright after all.

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