“A Hard Rain”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2019

Recently I’ve been really enjoying the rough stages of my underpainting process, where the canvas is all awash in thin coats of transparent paint, dripping, running, colors bleeding together in an unhindered enjoyment. When these loose rough sketches come together, it’s often a disappointment when I go to finish them. I find there are parts of a painting that I really enjoy developing more than others. I’ve been thinking of how to leave some areas unworked and just focus on the parts I want to focus on. The rains that have been threatening and following me around on this trip have got me thinking to just let the paint run in those areas and this was a first attempt to embrace the “unfinished” in my work. In this case it was the dark foreground hillside. I was drawn to the drama of light on the distant scene, and just didn’t want to get bogged down in rendering the foreground rocks and grass with the same degree of attention as I wanted to give the ocean and cove in the distance- so I didn’t. I just painted it dark and let it run… and left it be. It’s an ominous effect, but I like it.

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